NAUM operations during this pandemic

I hope all of you, and your families, have been safe and well during this trying and historic time. With the continuation of lockdowns across the country and the difficulties some businesses are having, the impact on NAUM has been somewhat greater than anyone anticipated.

In order to keep our staff safe, we not only rearranged the warehouse and fulfillment area, but also had to cut back on the number of people working at the same time to ensure space for generous social distancing. What we didn’t anticipate was:

  • A major surge in business activity would happen.
  • That world-wide supplier network would also be affected.

Here is where we are as of April 22, 2020

What is the impact on order fulfillment?
Our fulfillment operation is still running smoothly but shipping times have been affected. Expect your order to ship within a week after it's been made. If an order is time sensitive, please let us know in the notes section of the order and choose the appropriate shipping option. We will make sure those orders are fulfilled on time.

What about inventory disruptions?
If you are ordering directly from the site, then you will see whether an item is in stock or not. With the unexpected surge in sales over the last two weeks, some popular items are running out and will get replenished as soon as the manufacturers are running normally again and shipments arrive.

How will NAUM proceed over the next month?

Thankfully, good preparation has allowed us to stay open and serve our customers without harm to our staff. We will continue to operate and get our shipping times back to normal (1-3 days) by mid-May.

If there are any problems with your shipment we will call or email you right away. If you are concerned about any shipment you can email us at or call direct at (612) 380-0654. If you get voicemail please leave a message and we will definitely get back to you.

Wishing you safety and the blessing of good health.
The support team at North American Urns and Memorials