• Exquisite pink and black cremation keepsake urn for ashes.
  • A metal alloy structure is what allows this keepsake to have such a smooth body.
  • A reflective enamel finish with a streaked pink pattern covers the surface of this keepsake.
  • A screw on metal alloy lid will safeguard the ashes inside.
  • Use this keepsake to always keep a small bit of your loved one's ashes close, and to share ashes with friends and family.
  • Add an engravable base to add personalization to this keepsake, sold separately.

Dimensions: 2.80" H x 1.60" L x 1.60" W.
Capacity: up to 6 cubic inches of ash, equal to 6 pound body weight.
Materials:Metal alloy, enamel, paint.
  • Capacity: