For many years this book has been a classic garnering a devoted followng of fans that endure.  Admirers of the book are known to pass on copies to friends and family who lose a loved one knowing how valuable the book was to their own journey.

Filled with guidance and encouragement, hope and perspective, Living With Loss pairs empowering affirmations with wise and insightful quotes from such varied sources as Mother Teresa, Dr. Joyce Brothers, the Dalai Lama, Robert Frost, the Torah, Woody Allen, Joan Didion, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and many others. The page a day format with a quote, insightful writing and an affirmation make this an easy to manage reading experience even during difficult times. 

Ellen Sue Stern is the Founder of Expecting Change Workshops, President of Stern Literary Enterprises, and the author of eighteen books with nearly a million books in print, translated to twelve languages.Thousands of people have attended her motivational seminars and workshops. She is a highly sought-after relationship expert and has made guest appearances on Oprah, Montel Williams, Sally Jessy Raphael, Lifetime TV and other national media. Her writing has appeared in Self, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, Parenting and American Baby magazine, as well as on and 


  • "I hope we are able to lead lots of widows to Living with Loss. I see it as the Widow Bible."    Taryn Davis, Founder of the (AWP) American Widow Project.
  • "I am so glad that your book is back in print. I had given it to a friend about 15 years ago. Then I looked for it and couldn't find it. You are a compassionate writer. Thank you for sharing your words with those who need it so badly."
    Brenda Schaffer
  • "Thirteen years ago, after the death of my husband, I happened to find this little book, "Living With Loss". I had no idea how this little book was going to be so valuable to me in my first year (and beyond) living without my husband, and best friend. It is now my little treasure. It still sits on my book case with the sticky
    note tabs on my favorite pages. Thank you Elle for this book... It's the little miracle book that every grieving widow needs to have!!"
    Carole Hunter, your greatest fan!
  • "Thank you for writing this wonderful book. About 11 years ago, I lost my husband suddenly. A good friend of mine gave me your book and I can honestly tell you that it helped me through some of my darkest times.
    Linda Maldonado
  • "Living With Loss was given to me after I lost my husband to cancer. I passed it on to another and have since purchased many more to give to others. I read an entry each day and found connections beyond belief. Along with prayers,family, friends, and a wonderful support group, this book was a great savior."
    S. Watson